10-19-17 Board meeting

CNHOA minutes October 19, 2017

On October 19, 2017 Mike Ferkany sent an email to the CNHOA
board regarding Chris and Jill Williams proposed home on Fox Ridge Lane. Attached were files showing their lot and the placement of the house on the lot, renderings of their house, and pictures of the fence they want to put along Fox Ridge and their property lines.

Mike Ferkany made the following motions

  1. “CNHOA board approve the house construction plans submitted by Chris and Jill Williams on October 18, 2017”.
  2. “CNHOA board approve the construction of a fence by the Williams provided it is similar in style to the picture provided to the board on October 18, 2017”.
  3. “CNHOA board approve the minutes of the 7-22-17 annual
    membership meeting”.

    The motion was seconded by Mason. Voting in favor were
    Ferkany, Mason, Snodgrass, Brooks, Gardner, and Hofele. Atkiss abstained.

    On October 20, 2017, Cheryl Atkiss made the motion, “To buy 100 neoprene koozies with the Cove Norris image. Cost is $1.40 per koozie with a $90 setup fee + tax, totaling approximately $250.”

    Ferkany seconded the motion. Voting in favor were Atkiss, Ferkany, Mason, Brooks, Gardner, Hofele, and Snodgrass.

    Mike Ferkany also gave an update on the progress of the Comcast installation in the neighborhood. Mike saw a Comcast truck in front of his house mid October. Mike went out to introduce himself and ended up meeting with the construction specialist that is leading the installation project, Jeremy Rivers. He stated that all measurements are complete, all the permits have been issued, approvals have been received from AT&T for any line movements needed, but the Clinton Utility board was still a slight holdup. He also stated that once that was ironed out they would start the work and although they originally wanted to finish by the end of the year he felt that a more reasonable estimate would be the end of
    January, 2018.

    Mike also noticed the frame of a carport type structure being assembled in the driveway of 947 N Shorewood (the log cabin style house across from the boat ramp entrance). He contacted the resident, Anthony Dilbeck, by phone and notified him that the structure would be in violation of the land restrictions. He stated that he would disassemble the structure.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Greg Snodgrass

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