5-27-17 Board meeting

CNHOA Directors Meeting Minutes May 27, 2017

On May 18, 2017 Mike Ferkany requested a CNHOA board of directors meeting to fulfill the annual meeting requirement. On May 27 Ferkany, Snodgrass, Gardner, and Whitenack met at the home of Ferkany. The meeting began at 10:05am.

Ferkany made the motion to approve the following meeting minutes
-7/26/16 General meeting
-8/5/16 Y-12 signature meeting
-8/28/16 Deed review meeting
-10/21/16 Whitenack and McElroy new street rep meeting
-4/9/17 Spring clean up funds ($150) meeting
Gardner seconded the motion and all present voted in favor

Gardner presented the treasurer’s report; a copy is posted on the website. Motion by Ferkany to approve, Gardner seconded, and all present approved.

A discussion was held to identify a street representative for South Shorewood following the death of Robert Mowery. Homeowners who have paid CNHOA dues in the past were all considered. Snodgrass will ask his neighbors if any are willing to serve.

The date of the annual meeting was set to be July 22, 2017 at 4pm EST and will be held in the same location as in the past.

The possibility of Comcast providing high speed internet to Cove Norris was discussed. Comcast wanted at least 60 homes to commit to service before proceeding. The Robinson’s have gathered 58 names and Comcast said 58 was enough people to proceed with the project. Since then, a few more households have agreed to commit to Comcast. Installation is tentatively scheduled for fall 2017.

Old business was next discussed. Hofele, Ferkany, and Gardner met with a TVA representative regarding properties on North Shorewood between the boat ramp and the ‘T’ on November 18, 2016. TVA stated all properties may have docks and left it up to
the residents to work out the logistics of maintaining them during the winter drawdown.

Motion was made by Ferkany to adjourn at 10:49 and all approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Snodgrass