6-3-19 Meeting minutes

CNHOA minutes June 3, 2019

On June 3, 2019, Paul Atkiss emailed the board of directors regarding the home construction plans of Jason and Dawn Barnett at 155 Hemlock Bluff Lane. The Barnett’s requested an exception for a detached garage. Expressing sentiment (via email) against the exception were Will Robinson, Carolyn Mowery, Greg Snodgrass, Rick Gardner, Doug Mason, and Cheryl Atkiss.

On June 11, 2019, Paul Atkiss sent an email in follow up to the above discussion. The Barnett’s updated their construction plans to include a ‘decorative wood beam between the house and garage creating a trellis-like feel. The wood beam color would match the gable wood trussed on the front of the home’. Expressing sentiment in favor were Rick Gardner, Carolyn Mowery, Greg Snodgrass, Doug Mason, and Cheryl Atkiss.

Construction plans will be uploaded to the website when available

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Snodgrass

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