CNHOA General Membership minutes July 27, 2019

On July 27, 2019, the general membership of CNHOA met at
5:15p.m. In attendance were 45 residents.

Old Business
The meeting began with Paul recognizing individuals for their service to CNHOA. Karen Hurley was recognized for providing the HOA meeting signs. Bruce and Poli Gress were recognized for providing their home for this year’s CNHOA annual meeting.
Participants in spring cleanup were recognized including (but not limited to) Will Robinson, Drew McElroy, and Scott Marhefka.
Mike Ferkany (and others) were recognized for their work replacing the boat ramp lock. Laurie Hofele was recognized for her many years of service to the community being responsible for the boat ramp keys. The nomination committee composed of Mike Ferkany (chairman), Bruce Gress, Brent West, and Joe Hofele were recognized.

A report of trailer storage was given. $50 per year is the fee to store a trailer on the old tennis courts. 8 old trailers have been removed over the past year. There are currently 17 trailers, 6 of which have tags. 7 people have paid the $50 trailer fee with 3 more payments pending. There are 4 new trailers added since last year, non of which are tagged. This year we will work on disposal of the non-tagged trailers under Tennessee ‘unclaimed property’ guidelines. Paul gave an update on Toni Marlow’s metal carport. The board had reached a comprise to replace the metal carport with Toni that included the RV be moved to the back yard (this was done). The house has been for sale and at one point there was a contract on the home, but that fell through. There is a new contract on the home by Gary Gibson; the listing for the home was without the carport.

New Business
Rick Gardner gave the financial report. 83 out of 114 residents have paid dues; there are 10 ‘stragglers’ that will likely pay dues. To date, only $25 has been spent on grounds maintenance with most of drainage ditch and roadside maintenance being performed by the county. The boat ramp has had a lot of water runoff damage from all the rain this year and has required more than the usual amount of maintenance. Scott Marhefka has paid an honorarium for re-grading the ramp with his tractor. Balance on hand is $19,000 and Net Income for the year is $8,000. Chris Chapman is the new groundskeeper. Doug Mason made the motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Mike Ferkany seconded the motion. The motion was approved by the general membership. Homeowner comments were entertained. It was noted the boat ramp is again in bad shape, additional work will be done to smooth the ramp. A discussion was held regarding the state of roads in the neighborhood. Paul Atkiss and/or Will Robinson will call Chris Chapman to address issue. Russ Rickard voiced concern over trash and brush that accumulates in the Fox Ridge cul de sac. Brent West said the street signs need upgrading beyond the county provided signs. Paul Atkiss solicited membership agreement to upgrade the street signs. Joe Hofele proposed a sign committee. Will Robinson made the motion the Beautification Committee (Becky Erford chair) address issue. Brent West seconded the motion. Motion approved by membership. Joan Swift discussed maintenance of flower beds. Brent West proposed neighbors band together and purchase interior lots as they become available and then donating the property via a conservation easement. Paul Atkiss made a motion that the board be given a $3,000 budget from which to fund approved projects suggested by the Beautification Committee. Brent West seconded the motion. Motion approved by the membership.

The CNHOA website was next item discussed The Salem’s voluntarily continue to host the website, but the server (Microsoft) is antiquated and to move the website to a newer server the website needs to be updated to a newer language. Paul Atkiss has discussed upgrading the website software with 3-4 computer people and it appears this will cost <$1000 and a contractor has been selected by the board. Paul asked for a volunteer to help oversee the work on website upgrading and nobody volunteered.

Nominations and election of the 2019/2020 Board of Directors was the next item. Paul Atkiss will continue in his second year as President and Will Robinson will continue in his second year as Vice President. Jill Williams will serve as secretary and Doug Mason as treasurer. Street representatives will be Cheryl Atkiss for North Shorewood Lane, Carolyn Mowery for South Shorewood Lane, Becky Erford for Fox Ridge Lane. Paul Atkiss made the motion to approve the above slate of officers with Brent West seconding the motion. The motion was passed by the general membership. A New Street rep position for Cove Norris Road, Legend Lane and Cheri Lane was discussed. Jennifer VanVickle volunteered to be this new street representative.

A new banking resolution to update the Y-12 account by removing Rick Gardner and adding Doug Mason was made by Paul Atkiss. Brent West seconded the motion. General membership approved the motion. This is to be effective August 1, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 6 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Greg Snodgrass