Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Annual Board Meeting Minutes April 13, 2019

Doug handed to Rick $25 cash he received from John Brackin, 947 N. Shorewood for a boat ramp key deposit. Rick noted that the Brocks have not yet paid their HOA dues even though he had already notified them that the dues was owed. Rick will contact them again.
Rick reiterated that no boat ramp keys should be distributed without first checking with him to ensure the requestor has paid their HOA dues. Doug will inform Laurie Hofele and Jane Mason.
Paul gave to Rick the names and addresses of new Cove Norris residents. Doug will get a welcome bag to the Williams and Bruner families on Fox Ridge.

Paul suggested that we reallocate the street assignments to the street representatives to make it more equitable and/or add a fourth street representative. After discussion, Paul made a motion to add a non-voting member to the board to represent Legend Lane, Cherry Lane, Cove Norris Road, and Running deer. Rick seconded the motion. The motion passed. Paul will search for a possible representative, to be approved at a future board meeting.

Rick asked that the street representatives watch for homes being listed for sale on their streets and let him know of possible and actual transactions. It is difficult for him to keep track of homeownership changes as he is not here full time.
Concerning Toni Marlow’s metal carport, Ms. Marlow told Paul she plans to sell her home to someone who has given her a $500 deposit to purchase her home, and that she plans to take the carport with her when she moves. Paul asked her if she could take the carport down in the meantime and she said no. Reid Troutman has agreed to prepare the necessary paperwork to file with the Campbell county court. We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of our case and the potential outcomes. Doug suggested that as the next step we ask Reid to prepare a letter to Ms. Marlow demanding that the carport be removed. Will made a motion employ Reid Troutman (or another attorney) to craft a letter to Ms. Marlow that demands the carport be removed within ninety days. Doug seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Rick gave an update on the HOA financial situation. He stated that the only real activity since the last meeting was a small amount of interest earned, and that our cash balance is now $11,134. He projects that this will grow by $10,320 after dues are collected, assuming the same participation as last year. The increase would have been approximately $8,600 at the previous $100 annual dues amount, and so the $20 dues increase will generate about $1,720 in additional funds.

We discussed roadside grass cutting and ditch maintenance. Paul stated that the county mowing is erratic and will probably be insufficient. He reported that we were paying Leon $600 when we asked him to mow. Paul discussed mowing with Christopher Chapman and they rode all the HOA streets. Paul negotiated a price of $900 to mow the street edges up to five feet when requested.
Concerning clearing the ditches of leaves and debris, Paul spoke with the county road department and was told the county is responsible for cleaning the leaves from the ditches and culverts. Whether or not driveway culverts are cleared is up to the individual road crew. Paul asked that they schedule this work to be done and he later found that a work order has been created. Paul also discussed with Chris the cost to clean-up the existing leaves from all ditches, and they arrived at a price of $500 when requested. They established a price of $250 to maintain the ditches after the initial clean-up, when requested.

Paul made a motion to employ Christopher Chapman on an as-needed basis as decided by Paul or Will to mow all road rights-of-way for $900 per event, to clean the ditches at $250 per event, and if the county does not clean the ditches initially, or to our satisfaction, to employ Christopher to initially clean the diches for a one-time fee of $500. Rick seconded the motion and it passed. Paul will follow up with the county on the status of the work order.

We discussed the required maintenance at the boat ramp. Joe Hofele has asked that the gate lock be replaced. It sticks and is very difficult to operate. Laurie Hofele determined that it will cost $60 to replace the outer mechanism of the lock. Paul believes Mike Ferkany can remove the lock from the chain and can reweld it to the chain after it is repaired. We also need twelve additional keys made. Paul made a motion to have the boat ramp lock repaired for $60, to purchase twelve additional keys at $12.50 each, and to offer $50 to Mike for removing and rewelding the lock. Total cost will be approximately $260. Doug seconded the motion and it passed.
Will looked over the boat ramp gravel roadway. He found that the culvert at the street had been plugged with leaves, forcing rainwater to be diverted down the driveway and causing significant erosion. Will feels that additional gravel is not needed, and that a tractor-pulled box is needed to grade the roadway. Scott Marhefka has agreed to do the grading. Paul made a motion to ask Scott to grade the boat ramp roadway and to pay Scott $250. Rick seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Paul reported that he has reviewed the HOA website and found dead links, errors, and some issues. Paul revised the website copy to make these corrections. We agreed with his suggested rewrite. Paul also asked that all board members be listed with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and that we include an updated contractor list where if two members suggest it, a contractor will be added to the list. We agreed with all of Paul’s recommendations. Rick requested that we add that residents must be current with their dues in order to access the boat ramp. Paul will add this to the web page.

Paul informed us that Dean Salem is hosting the website at no cost to the HOA. It is currently hosted on a 2008 Windows server and that the website is written in a language that is dead technology. Paul has asked for a price to replace the server and update the language. This will have to be done this year. Rick suggested that Dean should not be expected to host the website perpetually at no cost to the HOA. All agreed. This issue will be taken up by the board again when prices are known.

Paul presented a proposed Architecture Review form to be completed and submitted for all new construction, remodeling, deviations from standard materials and/or colors, or other improvements not in compliance with deed land use restrictions and building standards. Will made a motion to accept Paul’s proposed Architecture Change form as presented. Rick seconded the motion. The motion passed.
We discussed the annual spring clean-up. We must pull weeds, mulch flower beds, pick up trash, and repair or replace the split-rail fences as needed. Everything but the fence repair should cost no more than $100. Will made a motion for himself to pursue obtaining split rails and posts, not to exceed $400. He will also seek approval from the landowners to perform this work. Carolyn seconded the motion. The motion passed.

We decided on April 27 to be the spring clean-up day. Rick will send out an e-mail to members concerning the date, and Paul will ask Judy to post this on the Cove Norris Facebook page. Paul will also add this notice to the website.
Paul announced that Bruce and Poli Gress have agreed to again host annual HOA meeting at their home. We decided the meeting will be held on July 27th at 5:00 PM at their home. Paul will verify with Bruce and Poli that the date is agreeable to them. We will ask Poli to decide on the food selection. The HOA will provide the entrée. Members will supply sides, salad, and dessert to share, and will provide their own beverages.

Rick announced that he does not wish to continue another year as HOA treasurer. It was also noted that Greg, the Secretary, is the longest serving board member and may welcome a replacement as well.

Paul suggested that we should have a board member election monitor/nomination chairperson. After discussion, Paul made a motion to appoint a person to be a non-voting member to be our election
monitor/nomination chairperson. Will seconded the motion. The motion passed. Paul agreed to seek out an individual for this appointment. Rick will hand over to that person a list of all residents in the HOA.
Rick made a motion to budget $150 to cover the newsletter and dues mailings for 2018/2019. Doug seconded the motion. The motion passed.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 AM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Doug Mason (for Greg Snodgrass)