Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting July 29, 2007 Agenda

Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association
Annual Meeting
July 29, 2007

  1. Welcome
  2. Secretary’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    A. Financial Statement
    B. Dues
  4. Old Business
    A. Dock
    B. Trailers in parking areas
    C. Website is now hosted by AIMS Computer
  5. New Business
    A. By-Law Amendment for Membership
    B. By-Law Amendment for Architectural
    C. Vote of “No Action” for the installation of
    siding for Joe and Kelli Thompson
    D. Election of Officers
    E. Open discussion
  6. Adjourn
    Motion to modify By-Law Section 4.1: The section shall be revised to read as follows: 4.1 Admission of
    Members. Any person may be admitted as a member of the Corporation by the Board of Directors, provided
    such person pays the membership fees established by the Board of Directors, is interested in the furtherance
    of the purposes of the corporation, and is a property owner in the Cove Norris development which includes
    Sections I, II and III or has deeded access to the boat ramp located within Cove Norris Subdivision.
    I vote to Approve Disapprove the amendment for owners that have deeded access to the
    CNHA boat ramp may become Members of the CNHA

Motion to add the following section: Section 10.10. Architectural Review Committee. An
Architectural Review Committee shall be established for the purposes of reviewing all proposed
construction in Sections I, II, or III. The Review Committee for each set of plans shall consist of a
minimum of one (1) Member of the Executive Board and two (2) Members of the Cove Norris
Homeowners’ Association. The review committee shall:

  1. Record the date the plans were submitted.
  2. Conduct a review of the plans within 30 days.
  3. Document the review process on forms that are consistent with the covenants for each
    of the Sections.
  4. Conclude that the plans are Approved, Conditionally Approved, or Rejected.
  5. Provide a copy of the review form to the requestors.
  6. Provide a copy to the Secretary for filing.
    I vote to Approve _ Disapprove _ the establishment of a standing Architectural
    Review Committee for CNHA

Joe and Kelli Thompson have requested a “No Action” vote for the installation of siding
that CNHA can not approve. The siding has the appearance of wood but is a man-made
I vote that we Approve _ Disapprove that “No Action” be taken against the
Thompson’s for the installation that is not in compliance with the Covenants for Section 3.

Election of Officers:
President: Dean Salem
Vice President: Brent West
Secretary: Elizabeth Salem
Treasure: TK Wright
Street Rep, South Shorewood: Rose Templin
Street Rep, North Shorewood: BA Allen
Street Rep, Foxridge Ln.: Joe Thompson