Cove Norris Homeowner’s Association Meeting Annual Membership Meeting July 22, 2017

The Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association (CNHOA) annual membership meeting took place on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Present were board members Mike Ferkany (president), Joe Hofele (vice president), Rick Gardner (treasurer), Greg Snodgrass (secretary), Russ Whitenack (N. Shorewood rep), and Drew McElroy (Foxridge Ln rep). In addition the following members were represented at the meeting:

Atkis, Bolling, Boring, V. Brooks, Graham, Gregg, Hurley, Mason, Rickard, J. Roberts, Robinson, Swift, Thompson, VanVickle

Mike Ferkany called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.

The meeting opened with Russ Whitenack making the motion to approve last year’s minutes (7/23/2016). The motion was seconded by Paul Atkis. The motion passed unanimously.

Rick Gardner distributed the current CNHOA Income/Expense statement. Patti Ferkany made the motion to approve and Joe Hofele seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The report will be posted on the HOA website for review.

Mike Ferkany led a discussion of whether a change in dues was warranted since annual expenditures have historically been close to annual income. $8000 is in the bank, so the membership did not feel a dues increase was warranted.

Mike Ferkany led a discussion of how to handle HOA dues when a new owner buys a home in which the previous owner has not paid that year’s dues. Rick Gardner suggested the new owner pays $100 ASAP regardless of whether the home seller has paid dues that year or not. All members were in favor of this approach.

Wendy and Will Robinson spoke as to the status of Comcast bringing high speed internet to Cove Norris. Approximately 62 owners have committed to signing with Comcast to date and this is enough for Comcast to project installation in the third or fourth quarter of this year

A discussion of trailer storage (in particular abandoned trailers) at the boat ramp was held. Kelli Thompson said homeowner’s deeds allow access to the area regardless of paid HOA dues status. Membership was in favor of identifying abandoned trailers, then alerting law enforcement so they can officially tag the trailer as abandoned property, and ultimately tow the abandoned trailer away. Paul Atkis volunteered to chair the committee.

Repairing the split rail fence at the Cove Norris sign was discussed. The board of directors will
look into this. Replacing the street signs was discussed. It was decided to ask the county to install standard metal street signs where they are missing. Karen Gardner made the motion to repair/replace the existing wood street signs. The motion was seconded by Linda Gregg. Paul Atkis modified the motion to allow the board to pursue the issue and proceed if it was fiscally prudent. Linda Gregg seconded the amended motion, which was approved. Russ Rickard discussed the cul-de-sac at the end of Foxridge Lane as regards people using it to dump and burn brush. Joe Hofele will call the county to maintain the property since the property belongs to the county.

Kelli Thompson requested people using the boat ramp to be courteous in their parking so people launching and recovering boats can access the ramp and turnaround.

Karen Gardner discussed the state of gravel on the boat launch ramp. Maintaining the ramp is part of HOA annual expenditures and leveling the gravel will be done as needed.

Judy Whitenack discussed the possibility of holding the annual meeting on a weekday evening, but membership felt it best to keep holding the annual meeting on Saturday.

There was an election of officers for the new year. Voted in were Mike Ferkany as president, Joe Hofele as vice-president, Rick Gardner as treasurer, and Greg Snodgrass as secretary. Street representatives are Doug Mason for Foxridge, Virginia Brooks for South Shorewood, and Cheryl Atkis for North Shorewood. A motion was made by Paul Atkiss to approve these selections. The motion was seconded by Russ Whitenack. The motion passed unanimously.

Russ Rickard discussed the work of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

At 5:10 PM Mike Ferkany made the motion to adjourn and Rick Gardner seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.