Cove Norris Homeowner’s Association Meeting Annual Membership Meeting July 7, 2018

The Cove Norris Homeowner’s Association (CNHOA) annual membership meeting took place on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at the home of Bruce and Poli Gress, 133 Dockside Lane. Present were board members Mike Ferkany (president), Joe Hofele (vice president), Rick Gardner (treasurer), Greg Snodgrass (secretary), Cheryl Atkiss (N. Shorewood rep), Doug Mason (Foxridge Ln rep), and Virginia Brooks (S. Shorewood rep). In addition the following members were represented at the meeting:

Atkiss, Brandenburg, Clark, Crowe, Ferowich, Funk, Gregg, Gress, Hurley, Marhefka, Mason, McCulloch, Taylor, McLean, Mowery, Person, Rickard, Robinson, Thompson, Turner, Whitenack.

Mike Ferkany called the meeting to order at 5:08 PM The meeting opened with Ferkany thanking Bruce and Poli Gress for hosting the meeting and Karen Hurley for making the signs announcing the meeting. Ferkany then thanked the current board members for their service. Hofele made a motion to approve last year’s minutes and was seconded by Gress. The motion passed unanimously.

The treasurer’s report was given by Gardner. Mailed 112 invoices, which included 5 undeveloped lots with no street addresses. 80 homeowner/lot owners have paid thus far as compared to 64 last year. The increased participation rate was felt due to use of tax roll addresses by Gardner to mail invoices. There is approximately $11,000 in the bank. Gardner distributed the current CNHOA income/expense statement. Mason made the motion to approve and Ferkany seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The treasurer’s report is available on the CNHOA website.

Ferkany gave an update on Comcast. On Oct. 17, 2017, Comcast began working with CUB and AT&T to coordinate the poles needed for service. A quote to use poles was provided to Comcast three weeks ago and was accepted by Comcast. Jeremy Rivers is the lead for Comcast. There are still one or two poles in contention between Comcast, CUB, and AT&T and until this is resolved, work can not begin. September 2018 is the anticipated completion date.

Paul Atkiss led a discussion of trailer storage on the tennis courts. There are 24 items stored; 3 items which are not trailers and 6 trailers having owner identification. Ferkany confirmed that the 6 names are all CNHOA members. Ferkany read the trailer storage rules and Atkiss distributed an inventory of items stored. McElroy moved to 1) Attempt to identify unidentified trailers and 2) charge for trailer storage. McElroy then amended his motion to recommend the CNHOA board form a committee to investigate and address abandoned property. Atkiss seconded the motion. A subsequent motion was made by McElroy to charge $50 per year to store a trailer. Motion was seconded by Whitenack. Both motions passed unanimously. Hofele reported on damage that had occurred to the boat ramp gate. Hofele made the motion the party responsible for the damage (identity is known and they wish to repair the gate) repair the gate within two weeks. Ferowich seconded and passed unanimously.

Cheryl Atkiss reported on the welcoming committee. 12-14 new coozies were given to new residents, and are available to current residents for $5 each. Ferkany reported on the old wooden street signs. The signs were old and in bad shape. If replaced, due to the addition of new streets and new signs required for those streets, there would have been a considerable cost. This factor, coupled with the fact that the county would provide signage for free, resulted in the old signs being cut down and replaced by the county with metal signs.

Ferkany discussed the removal of the old boat dock on the boat ramp. He will contact Tim Pruitt of TVA regarding removal.

Land Restriction Violation at 1096 Cove Norris Road was discussed. A detached carport has been erected at the property. A letter was sent by Ferkany to Toni Marlow stating the violation. Marlow subsequently told Ferkany it would be September before the carport could be taken down because Marlow had to contract out the removal. A secondary discussion ensued regarding the RV parked on the property. Ferkany said the land restrictions state RV’s are allowed to be parked on the property. Hofele moved the owner has until September 15, 2018, to remove the carport. Patti Ferkany seconded the motion. Kelli Thompson said the CNHOA has the right to notify, sue, seek an injunction and request the sheriff’s department watch as the carport is taken down. The motion passed unanimously. Ferkany asked the
membership whether the RV issue should be addressed in the same letter as the carport removal. A majority said do not include the RV issue in the letter regarding carport. McElroy moved the RV issue gets deferred until the carport has been removed at which time the board will do due diligence and report findings. Hofele seconded the motion. Brandenburg volunteered to research the rules on parking RV’s.

Raising CNHOA dues was discussed. There are 101 owners with 95 houses and 6 lots. It was discussed that an 80% participation rate in a voluntary HOA is remarkable. McElroy made the motion to increase CNHOA dues to $120 per year. Robinson seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Thompson clarified the payment of CNHOA dues is voluntary since CNHOA was not delineated in the land restrictions/original deeds. Scott Marhefka discussed support for him becoming an auxiliary Campbell County Deputy for Cove Norris. Positive support for him pursuing this endeavor was voiced. The board needs to initiate contact with the sheriff’s department requesting an auxiliary deputy be appointed and recommend Scott for the job.

Reg McCulloch discussed North and South Shorewood were not being mowed by the county. Leon is now mowing when told by the CNHO board instead of on regularly scheduled basis in order to save money. It was reported Leon has been ill and the ramifications that may result if he can no longer mow. Cheryl Atkiss volunteered to keep in touch with the county regarding mowing.

Buddy Person stated the construction equipment on his property will be removed in a timely fashion. Rickard reported on Kidde fire extinguisher recall. Thompson discussed the Twin Cove marina ‘no wake’ zone expansion. TVA told Ferkany if the marina submits plans to expand its footprint, each property owner near the marina and the HOA will be told.

Jeff Clark said there is an old Cove Norris sign stored at his home. Hofele said he will take possession of it. Judy Whitenack reported on the Cove Norris Facebook site.

There was an election of officers for the new year. Voted in were Carolyn Mowery as the new South Shorewood street rep., Doug Mason as the Fox Ridge rep, Cheryl Atkiss as the North Shorewood rep, Rick Gardner as treasurer and Greg Snodgrass as secretary, Will Robinson as Vice President, and Paul Atkiss as President. The slate was elected unanimously.
At 6:30 PM the meeting adjourned