Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Meeting February 14, 2015

The board of the Cove Norris homeowners Association (CNHOA} met on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at the home of Joe Hafele. Present were board members Mike Ferkany, Bob Mowery, Joe Hafele, Reid Troutman and Drew McElroy. With a quorum present, the meeting was presided over by President, Drew McElroy.
Minutes: there were no outstanding minutes for approval by the board.
Treasurer’s Report: Mike Ferkany reported that CNHOA had combined balances of $5,878.56 in two Y-12 FCU accounts. Mike also reminded the Board that a Board resolution and letter to the Y-12 FCU was needed to add the president as a signatory on the accounts. Reid Troutman made a motion to have the Board approve the president as a signatory and send a letter to the Credit Union advising them of such resolution. Bob Mowery seconded the Motion and it was passed unanimously. A copy of the letter to the credit union regarding this resolution is attached to these minutes.
No “Old Business” was discussed.
CONSTRUCTION PLANS FOR LOT 49, 281 S. SHOREWOOD – Greg and Amy Cates have purchased Lot 49 and 291 S. Shorewood. They were seeking approval for proposed construction on this lot. Site plans and home elevations and other factors showing compliance with Cove Norris subdivision covenants and building standards were submitted by the Cates for review and approval. The Cates plans did not seek any variance and appeared to be completely within the Cove Norris requirements. Accordingly, Drew McElroy moved that the construction request be approved. This motion was seconded by Bob Mowery and was passed unanimously. The Cates plan as submitted was approved for construction of Lot 49 at 281 S. Shorewood.
VARIANCE FOR 753 FOX RIDGE LANE -The Becketts had previously requested a variance regarding setbacks for their deck on the TVA easement side of their house. They were trying to buy this house and before they closed sought this variance. Because of the expedited need for approval, through a series of emails and phone calls, this variance was approved by the board (6 of 6 members who could be contacted, approved}. Reid Troutman moved that the CNHOA ratify this variance. Mike Ferkany seconded this motion and it was passed unanimously … again.
UPCOMING ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting of the CNHOA is TENTATIVELY set for July 18, 2015. As usual, it will be held at the cul-de-sac at the end of Fox Ridge Lane. The time has not yet been determined. However, ANY items ANYONE wants on the agenda should be sent to