10-24-18 Board meeting

CNHOA Directors Meeting Minutes October 24, 2018
On October 24, 2018 Paul Atkiss sent an email to the CNHOA board regarding Toni Marlow’s property at 1096 Cove Norris Road. Paul made the motion to grant construction approval for

  1. Wooden carport 20’ by 22’ with a 2’ sloped roof (8’ in front dropping to 6’ in
    the rear) painted to match the face of the house (brown shingles) with roofing
    materials to match the house.
  2. Connecting fence to be 3 to 4 feet high to match the picture attached.
  3. Acceptance to their proposed connect with the house conditional on the RV
    being parked behind the house.

The motion was seconded by Rick Gardner.

Voting in favor were Doug Mason, Will Robinson, Carolyn Mowery, and Greg Snodgrass. Abstaining was Cheryl Atkiss.
Respectfully submitted,
Greg Snodgrass