11-18-17 Board meeting

CNHOA email board meeting November 18, 2017

Cheryl Atkiss motioned “the board approve selling the Cove Norris koozies to HOA members for $5.00 each.” Mike Ferkany amended the motion to include, “provided that one board member each year volunteer to collect the monies and keep an accurate record of both gifted koozies and sold koozies along with an up-to-date inventory count. That board member shall give an accounting of this information at least once per year at the annual board meeting.” Cheryl Atkiss volunteered to perform said accounting of koozies. Virginia Brooks seconded the motion. Voting in favor were Atkiss, Brooks, Ferkany, Snodrass, Mason, Hofele, and Gardner.

Mike Ferkany motioned “the board approves the plans for the Atkiss koi pond pump house provided we receive a confirming communication from Jeff Swilley acknowledging that the structure would be within approximately five feet of the adjoining property line.” Virginia Brooks seconded the motion. Voting in favor were Ferkany, Brooks, Atkiss, Snodgrass, Mason, Hofele, and Gardner. Jeff Swilley granted written approval of the set-back variance via email on December 10,
2017 at 2:51:38 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Snodgrass

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