Formed to preserve and improve the quality of life of Cove Norris residents.

Cove Norris HOA Officers & Directors

Officers And Directors

As prescribed in our by-laws, there are eight board members, four of whom are officers of the corporation.  The remaining four board members (directors) each represent one section of Cove Norris (section 1, 2A/2B and 3).  The officers and directors are elected at the annual general homeowners’ meeting (usually held in July) and serve a one-year term, August 1st through July 31st.  Traditionally, the Vice-president is elected to fill the office of President for the following year.  In addition to elected positions, the Board appoints persons to head various committees.

2023-2024 Board Members:

President ~ Jeff Clark

Vice President ~ Anne Rogers

Secretary ~ Missy McCallen

Treasurer ~ Doug Mason

2023-2024 Street Representatives:

S Shorewood Ln ~ Keith Montgomery

N Shorewood Ln ~ Laura Boring

Fox Ridge Ln ~ Poli Gress

Cove Norris Rd, Legend Ln, and Cheri Ln ~ Stephen McGee