Annual 2020 Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday July 18th at 10:00.  The Annual Membership Meeting is open to all Cove Norris and Cove Norris Acres property owners who have paid their dues for the 2019-2020 fiscal year which ends July 31, 2020 or for those new residents have prepaid their dues for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  New residents who have not prepaid their dues for the 2020-2021 fiscal year are invited to attend as non-voting visitors.

If you have not already paid your dues please do so prior to the meeting.  Payment of $120 payable to Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association should be mailed to our Treasurer Doug Mason at 155 Fox Ridge Ln, Caryville, TN 37714.

In the interest of everybody’s safety and to allow for social distancing the meeting will be held outside in the field on N Shorewood Ln across the street from 1258.

Please bring your lawn chair.  There should be plenty of shade to allow everyone to spread out.

The meeting will include an amendment of the Bylaws (as detailed below), the annual Treasurer’s report, an update on significant activity within the community, nominations & election of officers and appointment of street reps, and such other business as may be conducted at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted at the Annual Membership Meeting for both officers and street representatives for the new fiscal year which starts on August 1st.  If you have an interest in helping to maintain our community by serving as an officer or street representative please contact a member of the Nominating Committee; Bruce Gress, Chairman at, Mike Ferkany at, or Brent West (BW) at

If you wish to add a topic to the agenda or to speak at the meeting, please contact me directly.

Amendment of the Bylaws

The Board of Directors proposes two (2) amendments to Article 5 BOARD OF DIRECTOR of the Bylaws to add a new board member as follows.  The addition of one new board member allows for the Cove Norris Rd, Legend Ln, and Cheri Ln street representative, created last year at Annual Membership Meeting, to be a voting members of the board.

  1. Article 5.2 Number shall be amended to increase the number of board members from 7 to 8, and
  2. Article 5.3 Election, Rights and Term shall be amended to increase the number of appointed board members from 3 to 4.

In addition, the Board of Directors proposes three (3) amendments Article 7 Director Meetings

  1. the existing article 7.9 title shall be changed from Telephone Meetings to Alternative Meetings,
  2. the existing article 7.9 Telephone Meetings shall be changed to 7.9(a) Telephone Meetings with no other change to its text, and
  3. a new Article 7.9(b) Email Meetings shall be added with the following text ”Participation by members of the board or any committee designated by the board in any meeting of the board or committee shall be permitted by means for Email (electronic) communications by which all persons participating in the meeting are included in the distribution of said communication. Participation in such a meeting pursuant to this Paragraph 7.9(b) shall constitute presence in person at such meeting.  The directors shall be promptly furnished a copy of the minutes of the meeting held under this paragraph.”

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting – Paul

Paul Atkiss