Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting July 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM, July 14, 2014 by Drew McElroy, president.

Attending were:
Families: Brooks, Christman, Clawson, Erford, Ferkany, Gress, Hofele, Kelly, Marhefka, McCulloch, McElroy, McGee, Mowery, Regas, Rickard, Turner, Whitenack Drew introduced the current officers.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mike Ferkany submitted the treasurer’s report for the period 8/1/2013 through the present; $6,925 collected, 68 paid members, $6,126 total expenses that included the following major categories; $4,400 to Leon, $340 repairs, $288 property taxes, $853 insurance. The full report will be posted on the website after the end of the fiscal year.

Due to lack of annual meetings no “Old Business” was discussed.

Boat Ramp Access ~ Members discussed use and control of the boat ramp. Basically no changes were made. Joe Hofele motioned to “keep boat ramp access as is and to approve the purchase of 12 keys”. Motion seconded by Jim Clawson. Motion passed unanimously. In addition to the motion, Lori Hofele volunteered to become the keeper of the keys with Jim Clawson as the

Boat Ramp / Tennis Court situation ~ Members discussed the overcrowding and abandoned boat trailers and boats in the old tennis court area. The key issue was identification of the owners of the items and how to clean up the area for current members. Drew McElroy
motioned to “send a letter along with the minutes to give members 90 days from the date of
the letter to put identification on their trailers.” Members could not agree on the legality of disposing of abandoned items, but will consider what to do after giving the 90 day notice.

Boat Ramp Rules ~ Members discussed the actual use of the boat ramp and issues regarding leaving the gate unlocked and leaving cars and trailers in the turnaround area, etc. Joe Hofele motioned that “a sign be posted at the gate stating the rules.” Seconded by Robert Mowery. Passed unanimously. Joe and Robert to work on this.

UPS structure at the T ~ Members discussed the current use or lack thereof of the UPS structure at the end of Cove Norris road at the T. Jim Clawson motioned “to remove the structure.” Seconded by Russ Whitenack. Passed unanimously.

Website ~ Mike Ferkany reported that the website was up now more than in the past and that he had talked with Dean Salem about it. Mike reported that he would get back with Dean to ask for a release of the URL to the home owner’s association with the intent to move it to an independent ISP.

ByLaws ~ Prior to the meeting Drew McElroy sent eleven suggested amendments to the bylaws to the members. At the meeting he explained that the majority of the changes were housekeeping that would make the bylaws easier to follow. He reviewed each item and
motioned “to accept the suggested changes as proposed except to exclude approval for 4.14
and 7.8, which did not include any change but was questioned for meaning.” Motion was seconded by Mike Ferkany. Passed unanimously.
Leon Burton issue ~ Mike Ferkany explained that during a recent discussion with Leon that he indicated that he was concerned for his safety while working on the roadside due to cars passing by at high speeds and without being able to see him. Mike Ferkany motioned to “spend up to $100 to purchase warning signs for Leon and to send a notice to members to slow down on the roads.” Joe Hofele seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Drew McElroy offered to write letters to residents who endangered Leon if Leon would identify the cars.

Speed Signs ~ Kay Clawson recommended that additional 25 MPH speed signs be posted in the neighborhood and volunteered to contact TDOT to get them.

Defibrillators ~ Joe Hofele reported that he was in possession of the two defibrillators that the HOA purchased several years ago. Each was nonfunctional due to drained batteries and aged pads. The cost to bring them up to date was approximately $300 each. The members discussed the issues regarding potential liability, where to place them, who would keep them properly maintained, etc. Drew McElroy motioned “that the HOA not refurbish the defibrillators that they be donated to anyone that would take them.” Seconded by Kay Clawson. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40.
Respectfully submitted by Judy Whitenack, Secretary

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