Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Meeting Annual Membership Meeting July 18,2015

The board of the Cove Norris Homeowners’Association (CNHOA) MET Saturday, July 18, 2015
Present were board members Drew McElroy (president), Joe Hofele (vice-president), Mike Ferkany (treasurer) and Judy Whitenack (secretary) as well as households represented:

Brooks, Erford, Faris, Ferowich, Houff, McCulloch, Mowery, Rickard, Salem, Snodgrass, Thompson, Wax,
Vanvickle, Person and by proxy, Gregg, Mclean, and Walker. The meeting began at 5:@pm.

Mike Ferkany distributed the current CNHOA lncome/Expense statement, Mike stated that as of 7 /L8/f5, 58 of the CN residents had paid their HOA fees. 44 from emails and 14 from regular mailings. Robert Mowery made a motion to approve and seconded by Drew McElroy.

Drew McElroy discussed “Old Business” of trailers in the Parking Area of the boat launch, the CNHOA website and construction.

Many people responded to Drew McElroy’s email about concerns/suggestions for our area. One of the major concerns was PORTA POTTIES placed on lots with no construction taking place. This is an eyesore and will potentially decrease property value in our area for current sellers. lt was agreed that the Porta Potty on North Shorewood Lane owned by Larry and Karen Hurley have 45 days to remove it if construction has not begun. Porta-Potties are for construction workers’ use, not owner/s convenience when they visit. Drew is to write a letter from the HOA to the Hurley’s, giving the 45-day option. Motion made by Kim Wax, seconded by Joe Hofele.

Also discussed was the Hi Speed lnternet, Dean Salem will head a committee to look into this further, Kim Wax and Drew McElroy will also serve on the committee. Also discussed was the Ridgewood Volunteer Fire Department’s need for donations. lt was
agreed that money received from selling the defibrillators, 5500, would be donated to the Fire
Dept. Also discussed were speeders in our area, Drew will look into this.
Road Damage near boat ramp -Joe Hofele will look into this.

Election of Board and Officers – Judy Whitenack resigned as Secretary, Laurie Hofele offered to take over as Secretary. All other Board members were previously elected.

The meeting was Adjourned at 6:15 with a potluck dinner to follow for those interested.

Respectfully submitted by Judy Whitenack, Secretary.