Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Meeting Annual Membership Meeting July 2016

The Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association (CNHOA| annual membership meeting took place on Saturday, July 23, 2015. Present were board members Drew McElroy {president}, Joe Hofele (vice-president), Mike Ferkany (treasurer), Laurie Hofele (secretary), and Robert Mowery (5. Shorewood rep).

ln addition, the following members were present:
Ferowich, Gardner, Graham, Person, Regas, Rickard, Robinson, Snodgrass, Thompson, VanVickle, and Whitenack.

Drew McElroy called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM. Dennis Powers spoke on his election campaign.

Mike Ferkany distributed the current CNHOA lncome/Expense statement. Robert Mowery made a motion to approve and Joe Hofele seconded to motion. The motion passed unanimously. The report can be viewed on the Cove Norris website.

High Speed lnternet in the neighborhood was discussed. Rick Gardner reported that AT&T refused to give him DSl. the current wired internet connection in the neighborhood. AT&T is not adding any new DSL customers. lt is an ongoing project to find the right company to service Cove Norris.

Damage to North Shorewood at the boat ramp has been marked by the county, but has not been fixed yet. No scheduled date for the repair was given. The security at the boat ramp needs some upgrades. Joe Hofele proposed spending S50 on a new chain to be welded around the openings to block them. Drew McElroy made a motion to approve and Robert Mowery seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Making Cove Norris a gated community was discussed. At this time there are no intentions of gating the entire community.
A major concern about the new “No Wake” buoys at the Twin Cove Marina was discussed with several neighbors commenting in a negative light. No one at the meeting was in favor of the buoys. Drew McElroy said he would write a letter to the TWRA concerning these buoys.

Aggressive dogs running in the streets was discussed. No action at this time is being taken.

The temporary porta-potty at the new building site on Fox Ridge was a concern to a few people. Joe Hofele is to talk with the builders and see if it can be moved once the clearing of the land is finished.

There was an election of new members to the CNHOA board. Voted in were Mike Ferkany as president, Joe Hofele as vice-president, Rick Gardner as treasurer, and Greg Snodgrass as secretary. Street representatives stayed the same; Kay Clawson for North Shorewood, Reid Troutman for Fox Ridge, and Robert Mowery for South Shorewood.

Road signs leading into the community are missing. Laurie Hofele to report to Ron DilbecKs office to have new ones put in at the Shady Cove/Cherry Bottom location and the Shady Cove/Cove Norris location

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.