Cove Norris Homeowners’ Association Meeting February 21 2016

The board of the Cove Norris Homeowners’Association (CNHOA) met on Sunday, February 21,
2OL6 atthe home of Joe Hofele. Present were board members Drew McElroy {president), Joe
Hofele (vice president), Mike Ferkany (treasurer), Laurie Hofele (secretary), street
representatives Robert Mowery and Reid Troutman. Resident Buddy Person also attended.
Minutes: Minutes from email meeting dated July 22,2015 concerning Boat Ramp
improvement and email meeting dated November 3, 2015 concerning Snow Road
improvements were ratified. Drew McElroy made the motion to approve and it was seconded
by Robert Mowery. The motion to ratify these actions was approved unanimously.
Treasure/s Report: Mike Ferkany submitted a treasure/s report for SlOtltSto 2h9lL6. Reid
Troutman motioned to approve, Robert Mowery seconded and it passed unanimously. The
report can be viewed on the Cove Norris website under the financial tab.
Old Business:
An update on the Boat Ramp and Snow Road improvements was discussed. The Boat Ramp
project was compteted on August 4th for a total expense of Sa60. The Snow Road project was
completed on January sth for a total of 5700.57.
North Shorewood Rd by the boat ramp has buckled and is rough to drive over due to water
break in the area. Joe Hofele discussed with the County and did not get much help. Reid
Troutman suggested ACWA may able to help. A letter to ACWA to work with the county road
dept. to repair the road written by Drew McElroy will be sent to ACWA. Reid Troutman made
the motion to approve, seconded by Joe Hofele.
Porta Potties were removed on N. Shorewood. Thanks to Larry and Karen Hurley for their quick
response on this matter.
Ridgewood Fire Department did receive the 5500 donation from the CNHOA discussed at the
last Annual Meeting. Drew McElroy noted this reflects just less than 10% of our annual budget.
Leon will continue community maintenance. lf he should leave, no replacement is currently
New Business:
Construction Plans for 704 Cove Norris Rd – Buddy and Abbie Person submitted plans for
approval for an additional garage on their property. After reviewing the exterior finishes
(matching the home), the roof pitch (matching the home) and a placement of the garage on the
property connecting it to the home, Joe Hofele motioned to approve the plans, seconded by
Robert Mowery and was passed unanimously.
Construction on building lot Fox Ridge Ln – Bill and Jane Mason sent home plans t2/IO/2015 to
Drew McElroy for their lot located on Fox Ridge Ln. The plans were for a modular home and
Drew informed them of the Covenants against any modular/mobile homes. They graciously
understood and look forward to submitting new plans in the future and inquired about local
builders. Motion to approve by Laurie Hofele, seconded by Mike Ferkany.
Annual spring community clean-up scheduled for Saturda% May 7th at 9am. Joe Hofele asked
that 5150 be allocated for mulch expenses. Drew McElroy motioned to approve, Laurie Hofele
seconded and was passed unanimously.
Dues, Dues, Dues. Annual dues were discussed and the success of emailing notices with regular
mail backup will continue. A letter to residents for the annual dues, co-authored by Drew
McElroy and Mike Ferkany will be sent with the notice.
CNHOA lnsurance policy due in April is being reviewed by Mike Ferkany and Drew McElroy.
Security of the community was discussed after some recent thefts. Reid Troutman discussed
that the board had looked into making the community gated a few years ago. Because gates
were not installed at the beginning of the development, 100% of the residents and land owners
would need to vote positively toward having them installed. Cameras, their placement and cost
were discussed. Joe Hofele said he would look into costs and present at the next meeting. Drew
McElroy mentioned the HOA’s tight budget is limited to dues paid and requested any input on
soliciting additionalfunds would be welcomed. lf someone has an idea on additionalfunding,
please feelfree to contact any board member about community security.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Laurie Hofele (secretary).